Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Attraction of Tradition

Catholic tradition is antithetical to a church's effort to reach people, bureaucrats will tell you. In light of such synodic wisdom, I find it funny that this past Sunday, after Mass, an occasional visitor announced to the pastor his desire to become a member, and said it was in part because of things like the fact that we have the commemoration of the saints in the Mass, and the availability of the blessed Baptismal water at the entrance of the nave. I too find such customs refreshing, in more than one way, in a Lutheran church. Instead of following the mind of Synod, such as the spiritually and liturgically empty and fraudulent Ablaze program, I recommend that churches and schools follow the evangelical tradition of the Church, that is, just be the Church, and at least some will come with you.


Father Hollywood said...

Pastor Noah only attracted seven others into the ark. He was not effective, was not successful in reaching out to the lost who were dying by the thousands without Jesus.

It's too bad the Missouri Synod(tm) wasn't around back then to provide dynamic(tm) seminars and emerging(tm) speakers with a passion(tm) for the lost so that Noah could have been a better steward of the Ablaze!(tm) program.

Somehow, the Council of Presidents need to find a way to get God on board with all of this, because His track record isn't too impressive by synodical standards.

Maybe the threat of a lawsuit...

gnesio-lutheran said...

I too find it incomprehensible that our synodical leadership would choose to ignore this growing trend, reported by many Christians of all denominations. Young people, increasingly, are looking for worship that is timeless and transcendent, that incorporates elemants from many times and places- worship that is 'catholic'!
What an opportunity for Lutherans! We have retained the best of the Western Catholic tradition, coupled with an unmatched faithfulness to the Gospel.
Yet our leadership fritters away scarce dollars on what amounts to little more than marketing schemes. They try to copy what 'seekers' can readily find at the non-denom church down the street (although they undoubtedly do it better!)