Friday, January 2, 2009

Milwaukee Ale House Christmas Tree

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, just when you were beginning to think that Christmas was gone for the season, I would like to share this image with you. Last Friday, Ruth and I dropped in at the Milwaukee Ale House for the Friday Fish Fry, and not far from our table I noticed this most unusual Christmas tree. Of all the non-Christmas tree Christmas trees I have ever seen, this one might be the coolest. It was one of those many moments I have had since moving back here, in which I wished that I had a camera. Then, I noticed that over at they have posted a picture of it. So here it is. Of course you can't fully appreciate it unless you are there, just as you can't fully appreciate the food, beer, and atmosphere at the Milwaukee Ale House by merely reading about it. So the next time you are in Milwaukee, drop in for a sandwich & a pint, as well as some good live music.

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Peter said...

You're right. It's great!