Thursday, January 22, 2009

a fortunate night on the East Side

Ruth & I ate dinner tonight at Chin’s on Locust. Just thought I’d share our fortunes here. Mine was “When one door closes, another will open.” Ruth said, That’s true, because in our house, you have to close the bathroom door before you can open the bedroom door. Her fortune was “A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life.” Ruth said that sounds like we will soon see a romantic movie.


Father Hollywood said...

Or, it could be a really romantic late night Latin Compline - with candles. St. Valentine's is just around the corner. :-)

Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

I like the way you think. (I'm usually hesitant to tell you that only because I feel a bit like I'm complimenting myself, since we think so much alike.)