Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Staff of Aaron

I recently became aware of a new blog, The Staff of Aaron, at which Father Aaron Koch, pastor of Mount Zion Lutheran Church in Greenfield, Wisconsin (on Milwaukee's south side), holds forth. Fr. Koch is an excellent preacher, a faithful churchman, a very Lutheran thinker, and a good man. Please visit his blog as often as he writes.

I am still awaiting men like Frs. Karl Fabrizius and Peter Bender to enter the blog world. Thankfully, I heard the other day that Dr. Fabrizius might do just that. (If I recall, Fr. Bender is involved in one of those multi-author blogs, wherein he will have his say once in a while, but in my experience, his reflections, in which he usually manages to not only reflect worthily upon what it is to teach & preach the Gospel, but also to actually preach & teach the Gospel, are worthy of a wide blog audience.)

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