Saturday, December 6, 2008

East Side Dark

East Side Dark is probably my favorite beer. It is a dark lager made by Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee.

If you ever find yourself in Milwaukee with a couple hours to spare, or if you are a Milwaukean and haven't been down to Lakefront Brewery lately, I encourage you to go, take the tour, meet the brewers there, and pick up some beer & merchandise. I hear Lakefront brewery even has a nice Fish Fry on Fridays. One of these weeks I'm going to have enough money in my pocket to try it out.

Lakefront makes several good beers, but tonight I enjoy a bottle of East Side Dark. I cannot begin to tell you how many different foods and situations go well with East Side dark. Tonight I can tell you one thing for sure, East Side Dark goes very well with a good book (in this case, an Umberto Eco novel).

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