Saturday, December 6, 2008

Downtown Books in the Shepherd Express

I work at my favorite used bookshop in Milwaukee, Downtown Books. You walk in the door, an unassuming entrance you could easily pass by if you didn't know what you were looking for, and you suddenly find that there are worlds of books waiting to be discovered and explored. Over two floors in an old downtown brick building, with books of every sort, music, comics, art & photography. I have been working there a few weeks now, and I still do not know the place as I ought.

By the way, besides all the books in the store, there are also many other books available online. Check it out here, and if you are ever in town, please stop in.

Anyway, I noticed that in this week's issue of The Shepherd Express, a weekly Milwaukee newspaper, there is a featured photo of an interior view down one aisle of the shop. You can find it on page 16 of the December 4 issue, or online here. The caption reads, "Three musty stories of crooked shelves, back rooms and creaky floors. Downtown Books is one of those special bookstores that Milwaukee is lucky to have."

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