Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Katherine Scheuer the Soccer Girl

Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending my niece Katherine's soccer game. Katherine, the daughter of my sister and brother in law, Fatime and James, is a third grader at Mount Olive Lutheran in Milwaukee, and let me tell you, this girl has a level of energy and athleticism that both inspires and frightens. In other words, don't get in her way. I once saw Katherine climb a tree and hang upside down from it in a matter of seconds.

So this past Sunday afternoon found my way to Nash Park, just blocks from the hallowed halls of the South Wisconsin District headquarters of your grand children's synod. As I reported the other day with regard to Cyrus Gaba's football game, watching children play team sports is a funny experience. Not exactly the sort of game where high stakes betting takes place (one would hope). It even seemed to me that various players basically took turns playing goalie. Katherine played goalie for a while, and also took the field.

My sister Fatime and her husband James are, let us say, slightly into sports. While we are watching Katherine's game on the side line, there is one radio set to the Brewers' game, and another set to the Packers' game. It is indeed good to spend time with my sister and her family. I haven't yet mentioned Logan, who is in his freshman year at Milwaukee Lutheran High School, and Brett, a sixth grader at Mount Olive, perhaps most notable for his love of the Detroit Lions.

Anyway, Katherine, keep up the good work, or play, or whatever you call it.

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