Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nice Article on B16 & Youth

While I'm falling behind in my list of items on which I need to blog, let me just alert you this morning to an article I found recently over at the New Liturgical Movement blog. Jeffrey Tucker posted this article on how Pope Benedict XVI is turning away from the pathetic youth ministry culture which has been in force for a generation.

Of course much of the same nonsense one finds at parish or high school "youth masses" or at World Youth Day can also be found within the beloved bounds of the Missouri Synod's homey back yard. One need only think of the Synod's own cute little version of World Youth Day, the Synod Youth Gathering, or the "seeker" worship services put on by some of our most "courageous churches," ablaze with the spirit of innovation for the sake of the gospel.

The Roman Church has a liturgist who is slowly but clearly guiding it back to liturgical sanity, from the top down. For this I thank God; and I pray for such a shepherd among us.


Rosko said...

I am convinced that Pope Benedict is starting something that may lead one day to a truly more unified Church.

Unfortunately, Lutherans are always behind by about 15 years, but you can see this craving for something more showing up even among the colleges. It's sad that the adults who run these campuses keep going with the happy-clappy stuff.

Anonymous said...

"It's sad that the adults who run these campuses keep going with the happy-clappy stuff". That's because the "happy-clappy" stuff mainly appeals to middle-agers trying to reclaim their youth who assume that young people are just an enamored with their idea of youthfullness.

Tim said...

Youth is over-rated, anyways. ;)