Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV Theme Music: Lowest of Art Forms

I am sitting on the couch, minding my own business, and my lovely wife is surfing the Internet, when all of a sudden I hear the most peculiar "music" emanating from the computer speakers. I look over and inquire just what she is doing. It turns out she has happened upon a web site devoted to television theme music, This site has the music for any number of television shows from the sixties, seventies, eighties, etc., the themes and songs from a few shows I do indeed recall from my youth, as well as the those of many, many shows I have never heard of, such as "Riptide," or "Robotech," or "Saint Elsewhere," or "Street Hawk," or "All Creatures Great and Small." She is thrilled to see they have all the theme songs from the "Spider Man" series, including the 1967 version (which apparently is impressive, and a good thing), at which point she of course plays these songs. Then she discovers that they have the song from this show, and that show, and of course must play them. Now of course I love my wife, but I can only take so much TV music from the past. So I seized the moment, and bid her go and do something else with herself. (I speak hyperbolically in my condemnation of this music, but really, I can only take so much. Maybe if I were Dave Juhl or Tim Hahn I could put up with it.)

There is much blogging to catch up on, anyway, so this is a good excuse to get back to it. I must blog about my trip to New Orleans, books I've read, a movie I recently viewed, an Ordination, and other relevant topics, like mantillas, and how much I love dialoging with Paul McCain. On second thought, that last one should be so obvious, I'll just let it go unstated.

When I returned from my trip on Saturday I began to experience the beginning of something I must have caught on the train, a sore throat, sneezing, etc. Thankfully I was well enough Sunday afternoon still to participate in a friend's Ordination (more on that to come), but then for a couple days my sore throat just got worse, making me worry I'd have to call in sick. That didn't happen. And I am beginning to feel better. So it's time to start composing the thoughts I've been filing away for the blog.

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