Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Kind of Liturgy

The modern feminization of the Church takes various forms, some of which are subtle, at least to those who may have grown used to what has become normal in the Novus Ordo. On the other hand, there are forms which still, hopefully, appall the average Christian set of eyes and ears. And it is good, forget for a moment that it is entertaining, it is indeed good, to remind ourselves of such things, to inform ourselves, and to expose these bizarre forms when we learn of them. Therefore, I commend to you the following video clip of a Mass of a "Call To Action" gathering.

Call to Action is an outfit within the Roman Catholic Church that promotes such things as the ordination of women. One of the thoughts that come to my mind as I ponder this Mass is the irony of those who claim I, a traditionalist Lutheran, am really a "Romanist." I am indeed a Catholic, and I am even Roman in the classic sense in which the Augustana itself employs the term. There are certain modern liturgical trends, however, which much better fit the term Romanist than I do. I dare say that the liturgical style of this Call To Action event is frightening to me. So to add irony to irony, perhaps I ought to admit that there is a certain sense in which I now even have a touch of Romophobia. To be sure, I am equally fearful of liturgical near kinsmen to this sort of Christianity, such as Renewal in MIssouri, or any number of "Ablaze" events.

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Father Hollywood said...

What struck me in this video (apart from the blasphemy) was the number of older people involved. Nearly every head was gray, and almost no young people were to be seen anywhere. The attendees at this "Mass" were basically 1960s flower-children who never grew out of the hippy phase.

The one saving grace is this kind of lunacy is of a generational sort. It can't go on forever.

Of course, it does have implications for future generations, as younger people no longer have the image of the hoary-headed patriarchs and matriarchs, fonts of wisdom, and examples of dignified Christian piety. Instead, we have this shameful display of older people with a Peter Pan syndrome living in the fantasy that it is still 1968 and Mama Cass didn't choke to death on a sandwich.

It's no wonder the children and grandchildren of these folks have rejected the faith all together or are so rudderless as to be groping around aimlessly in the "emerging movement" desperately seeking "authenticity." No wonder they think it can't be found "in their grandfather's church." Their grandfather spent too much time on LSD.

These days, Grandma and Grandpa are too busy singing Kumbayah and focusing on themselves to be of any use to God's kingdom. Hopefully, they will repent before it's too late, and there's nothing left to do than have an empty puppet-show funeral.

Besides, they just plain look silly. I wonder how you do "liturgical dance" while wearing Depends?

Come quickly, Lord!