Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gaba in Print

Kenneth Barnes, a "born again" Evangelical in the Ft. Wayne area, wrote a column in the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette a couple weeks back (1 December), in which he condemns traditions as being apossed to the Bible, and in this category he includes the sacraments. You can find it here:

I wrote a column in response, and it was published in this morning's edition of the same paper, on page 2C. You can find it here:

It's not a great piece of writing, but I thought the occasion (an attack on the sacramental nature of Christ's Church) called for me to pick up my pen, and start getting serious about using it.

You will note that there were actually two articles published in response to the Evangelical position, the other one was by Bishop John D'Arcy. I am not sure how I feel seeing his and my articles printed on the same page, mine above his no less. You can read the bishop's article here:

A couple of notes on my article: 1. My original was longer. It covered more ground, and it covered that ground more fully. However, I had to edit much of it out, because this particular column calls for no more than 750 words.

2. The title you see there, "Traditions are rooted in Scripture," was not my idea. My proposed title was something like, "The Christian Life is Inherently Sacramental."

3. I don't have a lot of pictures of myself. My friend and photog, Brother Harry Reineke, suggested taking a picture of me, but we never really got around to doing that. So I sent the paper a photo from a few years ago. It was a picture taken of Ruth and me together, at the wedding of my friend Father Benjamin Pollock and his lovely wife, Rachel. The people down at the Journal Gazette then edited it down to just me.


Rosko said...

Congrats! Glad to see your article got published, and with the Bishop no-less! Fantastic. Sorry we never got around to your headshot, maybe next time, ha! Looks like I really need to blog now!

David said...

And you were told you were unsuitable for parish ministry in the LC-MS?



Father Hollywood said...

Well done! What a blessing there is a Lutheran theologian in Fort Wayne defending the faith in the public square right in his own community. It's not as prestigious as LOGIA, but a heckuva lot more people will read it.

I'm sure that the sem will be impressed given their recent endorsement of Ablaze!(tm) - look how many "critical events" this means!

Stay Gabablaze!(tm), bro!

Brian P Westgate said...

You should post the full article, if you still have that.

Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

Thanks for your comments, guys. Brian, I'll think about that. Would I have the right, though, since a great deal of its substance has been published by another entity?

Brian P Westgate said...

Hmm, interesting point. I guess you can always ask the paper, and since what you sent them is only an excerpt of what you started out with . . .

Father Hollywood said...

You own the copyright as the author. You can always retool it, edit it, add to it, or anything else.

Jeff said...

And I hardly think a newspaper will go after you for copyright violations ;)