Thursday, October 11, 2007

Latin in the home

I’m ready to resurface a bit, especially after I was so cheered by a video a friend sent me, which combined the music of one of my favorite bands with so many other oddly characteristic aspects of my existence.

Anyway, Ruth, and others, it seems, want me to blog again. So let me start by reporting one of the funniest, yet coolest things I’ve ever heard come out of my wife’s mouth. Usually in the evenings I read from the sacred Scriptures to Ruth, following my daily lectionary plan. We begin be praying the Apostles’ Creed in English, and then Latin. And we end the Scripture reading by praying the Our Father in English, and then Latin. Today Ruth had to get back to the library in a hurry, so just as I was about to begin, she made the following request regarding the Creed and Our Father: “Can we save time, and just do the Latin?”

Now that’s my kind of Lutheran.


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Father Robert Lyons said...

Sounds like Ruth! Good to see you blogging again!