Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Boniface and Trinity Sunday

I let yesterday go by without commenting on St. Boniface, whose feast it was. So I thought I'd share one little tidbit about him, something which is not usually found in summaries of his life. I have been studying the history of the feast of the holy Trinity, and just today I came across an interesting connection between Boniface and the subject of my study. The development of a special liturgy in praise of the Holy Trinity is quite involved, and a coherent summary of it will have to wait. One chapter, you might say, in that development, however, is that Alcuin, the great liturgical scholar of the Carolingian era, composed a Mass in honor of the Blessed Trinity. And it was likely St. Boniface himself who asked him to do so. That is the opinion of at least one writer I have consulted so far. Out of deep concern for the present age, and well as love of Christ's Church, which is timeless, my pilgrimage into the past continues.


Fr. Chadius said...

I have a fondness for St. Boniface who, if I am not mistaken, brought Christ to the Germans. In some ways, we Lutherans can look at St. Boniface and thank Christ for him. The Venerable Bede's Ecclesiastical History gives a little background on St. Boniface. This would be a good resource to peruse as you continue to reach back into the history of the church.

+Fr. Chadius

Rev. Shane R. Cota said...

Last evening at Bible study, I mentioned that the the day of St. Boniface was the day before, and the significance it has for those of us of German descent.

I mentioned the story of Boniface chopping down the tree, and then I said that some of our German brethren have reverted back to pagan tree worship, as they will "worship" "God" in the woods, but not come to the Divine Service.

Thanks be to God for St. Boniface.

Fr. Cota