Sunday, May 27, 2007

Deacon David Muehlenbruch

I am gradually getting to know the features and capabilities of this blog, and one such feature is the links space you see off to the side. I thought I'd devote a word to those links. Please note that they are listed alphabetically. Other than alphabetical, do not infer any other sort of favoritism within the list.

David Muehlenbruch's blog is devoted pretty much exclusively to the rubrics of the liturgy. He does have plans to start blogging there again, and when he does, hopefully he will be encouraged to keep it up. Likewise I highly recommend his web site,, as an excellent liturgical resource.

David Muehlenbruch is an ordained deacon of the Church. Admittedly, that means nothing to most in our church today. I pray that the subject of the ordained diaconate (both permanant and transitional) will be seriously considered among us in the coming years as a potentially valuable part of the renewal of traditional Lutheranism. Deacon Muehlenbruch studied under the great Arthur Carl Piepkorn in St. Louis, and earned a Master of Divinity. He has studied the Latin Rite extensively, and I highly recommend his web resources, for they are a true service to the Church.

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